Warranty Information

RxTech Repair warranties the repair you paid for including parts and labor for lifetime of the device for all iPhones and iPhone Devices. We offer the same warranty except for a period of 1 year for Surface Pro repairs and MacBook Repairs. If there is something wrong, come to our physical location with your device and we will repair the defect at no cost to you. If you shipped your device to us, contact us for a return authorization number and shipping instructions. The warranty extends only to the part bought and the associated labor of that part. No warranty is implied on devices with a bent frame, water damage, subsequent accidental damage, subsequent physical damage such as cracking the screen, jailbroken devices, and new damage not relating to the original repair. Any device worked on or opened by a 3rd party other than RxTech Repair also voids the warranty. This warranty is for the original purchaser of the repair and is non-transferrable.  Warranty is only given to devices that we can test before AND after the repair. We cannot test the device if it is locked with a pass-code. We need the pass-code to test touchscreen sensitivity, front and back cameras, call functionality, ear and loud speakers and buttons on the device.

Please backup your data prior to any repair. RxTech Repair is not liable or responsible for any loss of data.

Please note that this warranty is not insurance. Much like buying a new car and crashing it right out of the lot, you would still be liable for that car. Same with a device fixed at RxTech Repair. If you believe something is wrong with your device after a repair, please let us know right away so we can document any issues. Please do not wait until the problems gets worse or the device is physically damaged because that will not be covered. Please also bring your device so we can remedy the issue as soon as possible.

Things that can void your warranty given by RxTech Repair are:

  • Accidental damage.
  • Physical damage including cracking your screen again.
  • Water or liquid damage.
  • 3rd party repair by someone other than RxTech Repair.
  • Bending or damaging your frame.
  • Selling of the device to someone other than the person who originally purchased the repair.