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MacBook Pro Hard Drive Replacement - 250GB

Compatible Device: MacBook Pro 13" A1278, MacBook Pro 15" A1286, MacBook Pro 17" A1297 2008-2012
Model Numbers: MB990LL/A, MB991LL/A, MC374LL/A, MC375LL/A, MC700LL/A, MD313LL/A, MC724LL/A, MD314LL/A, MD101LL/A, MD102LL/A, MB470LL/A, MB471LL/A, MC118LL/A, MC026LL/A, MB985LL/A, MB986LL/A, MC371LL/A, MC372LL/A, MC373LL/A, MC721LL/A, MC723LL/A, MD318LL/A, MD322LL/A, MD103LL/A, MD104LL/A, MB604LL/A, MC226LL/A, MC024LL/A, MC725LL/A, MD311LL/A
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MacBook Pro Hard Drive Replacement - 250GB
If your MacBook Pro can no longer read from your hard drive, you may encounter a lot of issues. Your MacBook Pro may not boot, or if your drive is failing, sometimes booting may intermittently fail. Additionally, if accessing documents on the drive or booting up takes a long time for tasks that should be completed in a couple seconds, then you may need a new hard drive. This service replaces your old ailing hard drive with a new hard drive with a 250GB capacity.

If you want us to tranfer your old data from a failing hard drive, keep in mind that we cannot transfer a bigger hard drive capacity to a smaller hard drive. Please make sure your hard drive is 250GB or smaller to ensure you retain all your data for this service or get a bigger hard drive replacement option. Alternatively, transfer your superfluous files to an external drive until you have less than 220GB of files on your old hard drive.

All MacBook Pro models are compatible with this repair that have the DVD drive
If your MacBook Pro has the DVD drive on the right side, then it is most likely one of the models that can be replaced with a hard drive using this service. It must be a 13" A1278,15" A1286 or 17" A1297 model.

Let our experienced technicians fix your device.
Our technicians have done over 24,000 iOS and Apple device repairs so your MacBook Pro is in good hands.

This repair is for drop off only
Unfortunately since this is a time heavy service, we only offer this repair as a drop off only. We have to completely transfer your old drive to the new drive which can take a couple hours depending on how much data needs to be copied. Come to our location in Mission Viejo and get your device back the next business day.