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Hard Drive Data Transfer

Compatible Device: Hard Drives
Models: 2.5" and 3.5" Sata Hard Drives
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Hard Drive Data Transfer
Whether you need your pictures, music, videos, documents, or any other file moved from one computer to another, we can do that for you! We can move items from on PC to another to make getting a new PC easier.

Got a new Laptop or PC?
Moving all your stuff from one computer to a new computer can take a long time. Without the proper tools, it can also be difficult. Bring it over to us and let us know what you want moved over and we'll do the data transfer and migration for you.

Let our experienced technicians fix your device.
Our technicians have done over 24,000 devices repairs so your PC is in good hands.

Drop off only
Transferring gigabytes of data can take a long time! It took you years to accumulate this data and the more data you have the longer it takes to transfer. We do not offer onsite data transfer due to long transfer times whcih can vary from PC to PC depending on hardware. This service is drop off only.