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Hard Drive Data Recovery

Compatible Device: PC Hard Drive
Models: 2.5" and 3.5" Hard Drives
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Hard Drive Data Recovery
If something happened and you can't access your files anymore, you deleted them or your operating system became corrupt, we may still be able to get your files back. As long as the hard drive is still spinning, we should be able to get your data back.

The longer you use the drive after deleting files, the bigger the chance the file is lost for good
When you delete files, you don't delete the entire file but rather the header or "address" to the file on most modern operating systems. However, after deleting a file, that space that the file occupies is now up for grabs and may get re-written over. The longer you use your device, the more data gets written and the higher the chance that the information you are trying to retrieve is permanently deleted.

Recover accidentally deleted pictures, videos, and important documents
Get your files back! Sometimes the lesson of not having a backup is painfully learned. If you don't have a backup, data recovery is your only hope.

This data recovery service is drop off only
Data recovery is a long and CPU intensive process. We ask for 2-3 business days to perform this service. Data may not always be recoverable. Data may already be written over or corrupt. We only offer this service at our Mission Viejo store. The more data there is on the hard drive, the longer it takes to recover as well. You must provide your own media to store new data or we can buy a portable hard drive for you for an extra charge.