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Wireless Printer Setup

Compatible Device: Windows 7,8,10
Internet Service and Router necessary*
Price: $89.99 $69.99

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Wi-Fi or Network Printer Setup
Are you having trouble connecting your Wireless printer to your computer and getting it to print reliably? We can help connect your printer so you can print, scan or fax again. If your Wi-Fi Printer isn't connecting even though other devices are able to connect to Wi-Fi in your home such as your phone, tablet or computer, we can diagnose the issue. If we can't fix the issue, we don't charge your a dime!

Mobile on-site service
We will come to your location whether that's your workplace or home get your devices connected to your printer.

Get your iPhone to hold a charge again!
We will completely replace the battery on your iPhone 6S so it works like new again.

Need other devices connected to your printer as well?
We can add other devices to print to the router as well for a nominal fee of $20 per additional device after the first three computers.