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Virus or Malware Removal

Compatible Device: Windows PC's
Operating Systems: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
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Virus Removal
A viru is a program with the ability to replicate itself and pass onto other computers. They can be malicious in doing things to alter how your computer works, steal information such as usernames, passwords and worse yet, may try to damage you financially. If your computer has a virus, it may display some of these symptoms:

  • Hardware issues - Your webcam and printer turn on without you launching them
  • Slow startup - Your computer takes a lot longer to turn on and get to the desktop
  • Sluggish performance - Your computer doesn't perform like it once did
  • Constantly crashing - You computer freezes for long periods which make it unusable with high CPU usage
  • Prevents you from accessing files or programs - the virus won't let you access tools to remove the virus
  • Missing files - Files you had in one area are no longer there
  • Extra files or programs you didn't consent to install
  • Error messages - Error messages not from your antivirus software or pretending to be from your antivirus software. Often times it will claim it will get rid of itself if you pay a fee or ask you to install more programs
  • Inputs not responsive - Keyboard shortcuts or mouse input may not work at all

Malware Removal
Malware is a more broad term for malicious software that includes worms, spyware, adware, key oggers, viruses, ransomware, browser hijackers, rootkits, and more. Malware will usually install itself surreptitiously. Some symptoms of malware are:

  • Adware - forced advertising
  • Unwanted web browser toolbars
  • Spyware - attempt to steal information
  • Ransomware - try to extort money. A common example is one pretending to be the FBI and demanding you pay or face legal consequences
  • Spreading emails to your contacts in an attempt to hijack or infect them as well

Get your PC working again!
We will scan for virus and malware to get rid of the culprits. We can also recomend antivirus and antimalware programs for you to install to prevent this in the future.

Unfortunately not all devices can be fixed without a complete factory reset.
Sometimes viruses and malware can damage components of the operating system and the OS will need to be reinstalled. In these cases, sometimes the best solution is to factory reset the computer and reinstall everything on the computer so you have a working machine.

Drop off only
Scanning for viruses and malware can take a long time depending on how much data there is to sort through. For this reason and the time consuming nature of fixing this issue, we only accept drop offs for this repair.