iPhone Battey Life

Many things can affect your iPhone battery life. Often times, apps running and software can run down an otherwise good battery quickly. Take a look at what is consuming the most battery life on your device. Go to Settings > Battery. This will give you a breakdown by percentage of power used. If the culprit is a rogue app using more energy than expected, great, find it and uninstall it or limit it's resources such as access to your location. If you want to absolutely be sure that a software issue is causing battery woes, backup your device to iTunes and restore the device to factory settings. If your iPhone is still having battery issues with a fresh install of iOS, then the culprit is hardware related.

iPhone Battery Life

If you've ruled out software for being the cause or battery issues, come get it replaced. In the case that it is a hardware issue such as your battery is old, it steps down in percentage by a number of perfectage points instead of by 1% at a time, or just turns off way before reaching 10%, than a new battery may be what you need. Come into the store and let us replace your battery for you.

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