iPhone 5C Repairs

The iPhone 5C was released September 2013 and came in 5 different colors: white, blue, green, pink and yellow. There are a lot of components that make up the iPhone 5C and hence there are a lot of repairs available from cracked screen repairs to battery and volume button replacements. If you can't find the repair you need for your iPhone below, don't hesitate to give us a ring.

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iPhone 5C Cracked Screen Replacement
The iPhone 5C sceen can crack for a variety of reasons such as drops, pressure, extreme temperature changes and bends in the metal frame that surrounds the glass. Whatever the reason, we can repair the screen.
$89.99 $69.99
Ex Tax: $5.60
iPhone 5C LCD Repair
The LCD on your iPhone is what is responsible for showing you the image like the LCD on a flat screen TV. It is what sits behind the glass. You may need an LCD repair if your picture has color patches, no picture at all, or lines through your picture. Anything that distorts the regular picture you see may need an LCD repair. Touch sensitivity may also be affected whic this repair should remedy.
$89.99 $74.99
Ex Tax: $6.40
iPhone 5C Cracked Glass and LCD Repair
The iphone Screen and LCD Replacement is if both the glass and LCD have faults. The glass is cracked and the picture no longer looks the same due to dark spots, lines or colors which are shifting. Touch sensitivity may also be affected.
$89.99 $74.99
Ex Tax: $6.40
iPhone 5C Battery Replacement
The iPhone 5C battery repair is for you if your battery may no longer hold a charge, your iPhone may not turn on or your battery life drops in spurts instead of gradually.
Ex Tax: $100.00
iPhone 5C Home Button Replacement
This repair will restore fuctionality to the navigation of your device. It will allow you to retun to the home screen by clicking the home button, use Siri with a long press and multi-task using a double click.
$79.99 $49.99
Ex Tax: $101.00
iPhone 5C Front Camera Replacement
If your front selfie camera is not working on your iPhone 5C, is blurry, can't focus or has artifacts in the image, we can fix it!
Ex Tax: $100.00
iPhone 5C Camera Replacement
If the back camera on your iPhone 5C isn't working, we can repair it. Problems you might have are that the camera app won't open, it freezes if you switch to the back camer, there are persistent artifacts in each picture you take or focusing problems. Whatever it is, the camera is a big part of any smartphone and it is definitely a fixable problem.
Ex Tax: $279.99
iPhone 5C Not Charging Repair
Do you have to wiggle your lightning cable in order for your iPhone 5C to charge? Does your phone not take a charge at all? Does your phone no longer turn on? This is your repair if you answered yes to any of those questions.
$79.99 $49.99
Ex Tax: $800.00
iPhone 5C Microphone Not Working
If people can't hear you when you call them, or they can barely hear you, this repair should resolve that issue.
Ex Tax: $101.00
iPhone 5C Headphone Jack Replacement
Does your iPhone 5C headphones only play out of the left or right ear? Do you have to wiggle your headphones into the 3.5mm audio jack to get a solid connection? Is something suck in your audio jack? Replacing the headphone jack will allow you to listen to your earpods clearly once again.
$79.99 $59.99
Ex Tax: $100.00
iPhone 5C Ear Speaker Replacement
If you can't hear the other person on the line with the iPhone up to your ear this cell phone repair will take care of that.
$89.99 $59.99
Ex Tax: $80.00
iPhone 5C Speaker Repair

Does your iPhone no longer sound as loud as it once was playing music or setting your iPhone to speaker phone during a call? If the iPhone 5C low volume seems like it is always a problem, it is very much something that is repairable to it's old levels!
$89.99 $59.99
Ex Tax: $90.00