Surface Pro 4 Repairs

Listed below are the repairs we offer for the Microsoft Surface Pro 4. You can tell your have a Surface Pro 4 model by checking the kickstand - it should have a Windows logo on it made of magnesium. The most common repair we offer for the Surface Pro 4 is the cracked screen repair which includes the digitizer which is responsible for touch and pen input and the LCD which is responsible for displaying the image. If you'd like to fix your Surface Pro 4 we can help! We will expand this selection in the coming months to also offer battery repairs and SSD upgrades for this model.

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Surface Pro 4 Screen Repair
The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Screen repair will fix cracked or shattered glass, digitizer or touch problems, and LCD or picture problems. All three of those components will be changed with new ones so your device is functioning like new again.
$319.99 $269.99
Ex Tax: $5.60